About the Book

Down This Road, is a romance that survived years of separation, war, death, abuse, and betrayal. When approaching the end of her life, Raygan knew that she would be leaving this world as a stranger to the person she was closest to—her daughter. With an expiration date hanging over her head, she takes a pen to paper, titling her story Down This Road. She begins by filling in the blanks: the truth about a brown river rock, her abusive childhood, her and her husband’s whirlwind romance. Then she told the secrets. Death. Addiction. Betrayal. Forbidden love. And the biggest secret of all is the one that would change her daughter’s life forever. Will the truth of what happened Down This Road bring Raygan and her daughter closer together, or tear their family apart? Right or wrong, we all have a love story that is unforgettable inside us…. this is Raygan’s.